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I do know that the gardens of the first lands are still lying there right under the skin of the world- pulsing the way our heartbeat drums under our own skin. And I believe that theres a connectedness between everything that gives some people a deep and abiding affinity to a certain kind of place or creature.Like totemsMaybe. Or maybe something even more personal- something thats impossible to articulate with the vocabulary we have at the moment.This is too weird.Annie shrugged. What can I say Its getting late the stars are out. Once the sun sets I tend to embrace whatever wild spirits are running around in the darkness talking away to each other. I leave the logic of streets and pavement and cars and tall buildings behind and buy into the old magics that theyre whispering about. Sometimes those little mysteries and bits of wisdom stick to the bones of my head and I carry them right out into the sunlight again. Theyre like Jacks stories true and not true all at the same time. They dont exactly shape my life but they certainly colour it. She glanced at him I wouldnt like to live in a world where everythings as cut-and-dried as most people think it is
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