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He kissed me wildly overwhelming me like a giant wave rushing to shore. I was soon lost in the turbulent grasp of his embrace and yetI knew I was safe. His wild kiss drove me pushed me asked me questions I was unwilling to consider. But I was cherished by this dark Poseidon and though he had the power to crush me utterly to drown me in the purple depths of his wake he held me aloft separate. His passionate kiss changed. It gentled and soothed and entreated. Together we drifted towards a safe harbor. The god of the sea set me down securely on a sandy beach and steadied me as I trembled. Effervescent tingles shot through my limbs delighting me with surges of sparkling sensation like sandy toes tickled by bubbly waves. Finally the waves moved away and I felt my Poseidon watching me from a distance. We looked at each other knowing we were forever changed by the experience. We both knew that I would always belong to the sea and that I would never be able to part from it and be whole again.

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