Henry Miller quote #254 from A Literate Passion: Letters of Anaïs Nin & Henry Miller

Anas I dont know how to tell you what I feel. I live in perpetual expectancy. You come and the time slips away in a dream. It is only when you go that I realize completely your presence. And then it is too late. You numb me. ... This is a little drunken Anas. I am saying to myself here is the first woman with whom I can be absolutely sincere. I remember your saying - you could fool me I wouldnt know it. When I walk along the boulevards and think of that. I cant fool you - and yet I would like to. I mean that I can never be absolutely loyal - its not in me. I love women or life too much - which it is I dont know. But laugh Anas I love to hear you laugh. You are the only woman who has a sense of gaiety a wise tolerance - no more you seem to urge me to betray you. I love you for that. ...I dont know what to expect of you but it is something in the way of a miracle. I am going to demand everything of you - even the impossible because you encourage it. You are really strong. I even like your deceit your treachery. It seems aristocratic to me.

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