Jenny Han quote #221 from We'll Always Have Summer

He came up and kissed me on my forehead and before he stepped away I closed my eyes and tried hard to memorize this moment. I wanted to remember him exactly as he was right then how his arms looked brown against his white shirt the way his hair was cut a little too short in the front. Even the bruise there because of me.Then he was gone.Just for that moment the thought that I might never see him again it felt worse than death. I wanted torun after him. Tell him anything everything. Just dont go. Please just never go. Please just always be near me so I can at least see you.Because it felt final. I always believed that we would find our way back to each other every time. That no matter what we would be connectedby our history by this house. But this time this last time it felt final. Like I would never see him again or that when I did it would be different there would be a mountain between us.I knew it in my bones. That this time was it. I had finally made my choice and so had he. He let me go. I was relieved which I expected. What I didnt expect was to feel so much grief.Bye bye Birdie.

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