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Caroline Miller quote #230 from Lamb in His Bosom

Gods forgot that ever I lived... Hes forgot...and He never cared nohow....He smoothed her brown rough-palmed hand he held her hands to keep her from jerking herself away from his admonishing Oh tis not true the words yere a-sayin Cean Smith and well ye know it. Never does He forget a child o Hisn. Tis His children that forget that He is rememberin. Get on yere knees and climb on them up to the shelter o His arms. Knock on His ears with yere prayers. Creep into His arms Cean Smith and lay yere head on His bosom and Hell hold ye closer than inny man ye ever love can ever hold ye. Hell lay His hand on yere head and yell stop yere restless fightin against His will. Hell shut yere pitiful little mouth from complainin against Him. Yell hush and be comforted....She dared him to prove his saying Then pray fer Him to do them things fer meHe prayed and when he had finished Ceans will was as water to Gods will and Ceans tears were softening and healing to her heart.
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