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Can I say somethingGo onIm a little drunkMe too. Thats okay.Just....I missed you you know.I missed you too.But so so much Dexter. There were so many things I wanted to talk to you about and you werent there-same here.I tell you what it is. Its.....When I didnt see you I thought about you every day I mean EVERY DAY in some way or another-same here.-Even if it was just I wish Dexter could see this or Wheres Dexter now or Christ that Dexter what an idiot you know what I mean and seeing you today well I thought Id got you back - my BEST friend. And now all this the wedding the baby- Im so happy for you Dex but it feels like Ive lost you again.--You know what happens you have a family your responsibilities change you lose touch with peopleIt wont be like that I promise.Do youAbsolutelyYou swear No more disappearingI wont if you wont.Their lips touched now mouths pursed tight their eyes open both of them stock still. The moment held a kind of glorious confusion.
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