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Nikos Kazantzakis quote #408 from Saint Francis

I felt sorry for the inhabitants and went into the forest to admonish the wolf in Gods name not to eat any more sheep. I called him he cameand do you know what his answer was Francis Francis he said do not destroy Gods prescribed order. The sheep feeds on grass the wolf on sheepthats the way God ordained it. Do not ask why simply obey Gods will and leave me free to enter the sheepfolds whenever I feel the pinch of hunger. I say my prayers just like Your Holiness. I say Our Father who reignest in the forests and hast commanded me to eat meat Thy will be done. Give me this day my daily sheep so that my stomach may be filled and I shall glorify Thy name. Great art Thou Lord who hast created mutton so delicious. And when the day cometh that I shall die Grant Lord that I may be resurrected and that with me may be resurrected all the sheep I have eatenso that I may eat them again That Brother Leo is what the wolf answered me.
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