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So what do you do when you are stuckThe first thing I do when I am stuck is pray. But Im not talking about a quick Help me Lord Sundays a comin prayer. When I get stuck I get up from my desk to head for my closet. Literally. If Im at the office I go over to a corner that I have deemed my closet away from home. I get on my knees and remind God that this was not my idea it was HisNone of this is new information to GodThen I ask God to show me if there is something He wants to say to prepare me for what He wants me to communicate to our congregation. I surrender my ideas my outline and my topic. Then I just stay in that quiet place until God quiets my heartMany times I will have a breakthrough thought or idea that brings clarity to my message. . .Like you I am simply a mouthpiece. Getting stuck is one way God keeps me ever conscious of that fact.
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