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When I write that my own situation in those months of pain and decision can be described as prayer I do not only recall that during that time I sometimes read the Psalms and they became my psalms or that as I have also mentioned I occasionally cried Jesus and that name was my prayer but I mean that I also at times would shout Fuck and that was no obscenity but a most earnest prayerful utterance.In the final analysis no matter what the vocabulary of prayer or where muteness displaces words in prayer the contentwhat is communicated by a person in the world before Godin prayer is in each and every circumstance the same and it can be put plainly in one word HelpThat is the word of Gethsemanes prayer that is the word of the Lords Prayer that is the prayer when Christ repeats the Twenty-second Psalm from the cross.It is the prayer of Christ interceding for all people and it is the prayer of a human creature acknowledging Gods vocation in affirming the life which God has called into being.
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