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Charlotte Eriksson famous quote #39

... and it was quite a sad thingthe way I watched you sleep like nothing could go wrong and I did not want to harm it I did not want to blur it but how could I notwhen everything Ive ever known has slowly gone awayand I know by now that thats the way you let the new day in with new roads and views and chances to growbut it was quite a sad thing because I dont want this to ever become then or was and it was quite an unfamiliar thing. The way I took off my shoes again put down my bag and quietly went back to bed slowly between the sheets of moments I dont want to leaveand it was quite a beautiful thing the way you had no idea but still must have known because you did not even open your eyes but turned around and took my hand and you were still asleep breathing in and out like nothing could go wrong but still held my hand like you were glad I didnt leave. Thank you for stayingand it was quite a wonderful thing the way I smiled and so did you sound asleep and thats all I need to know for now. Thats all I want to know for now.
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